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Third @postasis Multiplier Event in Paris

The 3rd @postasis Multiplier Event took place in Paris on 18-19 April 2019. 

University of Paris 8 organized a series of conferences and an educational artistic exhibition with the aim of presenting the @postasis project to a wide range of audience.

The event was hosted at La Folie Numérique N°5, Parc de La Villette and was open to the public.


Adress : 211 Av. Jean Jaurès, 75019 Paris, France



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Fourth @postasis Multiplier Event in Rome

The 4th @postasis Multiplier Event took place in Rome, on the 19th September 2019, and was organized by ARGENIA Association. 

Venue: University of Roma 1, "La Sapienza", Faculty of Architecture "Valle Giulia", via Gramsci 53, Rome.

You can download the Proceedings for free here.


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@postasis seminars with schools and Universities in Greece: Seminar 1, 3D drawing in @postasis, by Anna Meli

A series of seminars with secondary schools and Universities, initiated by Athens School of Fine Arts, are taking place in Greece. Students learn how to inhabit the @postasis multiuser space with virtual entities that they create themselves! Seminar 1: 3D drawing in @postasis, by Anna Meli

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Fifth @postasis Multiplier Event in Athens

The 5th @postasis Multiplier Event is taking place in Athens, on the 23th and 24th January 2020, and is organized by Athens School of Fine Arts. 

Venue: Athens School of Fine Arts, Multimedia-Hypermedia Laboratory and New Library, 256 Pireos Ave, Athens.

You can download the program here. You can register here.



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