@postasis: Virtual Artistic Laboratory is an Erasmus+ funded program that aims to develop a creative space enabling the development of multiuser educational artistic sessions with real-time experimentations, collaborative artistic projects, large-scale participatory events and actions for the general public (e.g. workshops, exhibitions), both in virtual and in physical space.

This creative space will also provide the capability of archiving the acquired experience so that it can be exported to new types of educational objects (e.g. smart interconnected objects, interactive apps for smart devices, ebooks).

The @postasis space will be realized through the implementation of a suitable platform, the @postasis platform, which will be developed throughout the program, based on state-of-the-art technologies configured suitably to provide a complete creative framework: front-end tools  based on the Unity engine for content authoring and for easily setting-up different access mechanisms (e.g. multiuser sessions, IoT, communication with peripheral devices and data sources through the OSC protocol etc) and a web framework for back-end functions and content management.

The @postasis platform will be released under a Creative Commons license to the community, in order to reach as many stakeholders as possible, such as: young artists, educators, school teachers and students, researchers, amateurs, the public etc.

The consortium will develop a variety of actions (e.g. experimental distant courses, collaborative artistic projects, virtual exhibitions, and workshops) in order to illustrate different aspects of the platform and inform potential users.

The above experiences will be recorded to different forms of educational materials, which will also be released to the academic community under open licenses in order to maximize accessibility.

Project duration: 1/10/2017 – 31/1/2020



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