About @postasis Intellectual Properties...

All contributors of @postasis, namely, the initiators of the @postasis proposal, the workgroup that implemented it, and the Erasmus programme that supported it financially, believe in the idea of free access to educational and creative software, aiming to establish a common environment for education and culture.

Therefore, the @postasis platform and relevant materials (e.g. manuals of use, examples) are released for free under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.

Anyone wishing to create new materials (e.g. a project, a course) for (or with) @postasis platform may comply with the rules stemming from the philosophy of the platform itself: a) produced materials should, also, be provided for free to the community, and b) they should be made accessible through the @postasis web site.

Authors retain ownership of their individual works and may choose the free license of distribution that they wish. 

@postasis materials should be freely referenced to other works. In this case, the following should be mentioned:

Title of work

Names of creators / contributors / collaborators

@postasis references (see the document here, describing the Intellectual Properties policy of @postasis, especially Section 1.2).





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