«October 2020»

@postasis official end and next phase

Erasmus+ @postasis: Virtual Artistic Laboratory has officially reached its end successfully. All produced materials from educational and other actions are accessible through this web site (see links Educational Materials and Library).

The second phase of @postasis is under preparation in order to be available at commons. Soon, there will be more specific information.

Those interested to use the platform or collaborate with @postasis workgroup may communicate with the Scientific Director of the program, Professor Manthos Santorineos (


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CORON@VIRUS@POSTASISX: A new project with @postasis platform

CORON@VIRUS@POSTASISX is an ongoing collaborative project with @postasis platform.  It is developed by students and teachers of the Multimedia-Hypermedia Laboratory of Athens School of Fine Arts. The project is a part of the collaboration of the Multimedia-Hypermedia Laboratory and the 1st ASFA Painting Studio, with the Artificial Intelligence and Learning Systems (AILS) Laboratory of the NTUA. 

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Fifth @postasis Multiplier Event in Athens

The 5th @postasis Multiplier Event is taking place in Athens, on the 23th and 24th January 2020, and is organized by Athens School of Fine Arts. 

Venue: Athens School of Fine Arts, Multimedia-Hypermedia Laboratory and New Library, 256 Pireos Ave, Athens.

You can download the program here. You can register here.


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First @postasis Multiplier Event in Athens

The First @postasis Multiplier Event took place in Athens on 17-18-19 January 2019, at the Laboratory of the Greek-French Master "Art, virtual reality and multiuser systems of artistic expression".





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